A Dose of Encouragement

A Dose of Encouragement for writers who are struggling to get published

All of these scenarios about writers exist:

* Someone wrote a first novel that sold well and made them famous. But after that success, none of his other books did well.

* Someone wrote for 25 years, completing several manuscripts and getting better each time–but never getting an agent or a publishing deal. She turned her time to other pursuits.

* A writer started publishing in college, had several very successful books, and even wrote a couple of lower-quality novels that still sold amazingly well.

* A writer became well-known posthumously, but never realized success in life.

What does this have to do with you? Unless you are a writer with the constitution of an ancient statue, you’ve probably let your mind wallow in scenarios like these:

Why her?

I read that book; can’t believe it’s selling so well.

He has all the luck!

Am I going to have to work that hard to get anywhere as a writer?

Why does it seem like my peers are starting to have success, and I’m going nowhere?

It’s okay. It’s human, especially when the journey is long.

Seldom do I blog to encourage. It seems so many others do it so well. But with two years of pandemic, and perhaps because this North Carolina winter is snowier and drearier than usual, the time feels right.

When you hit these walls of seeing the astounding success a few authors have, or see your peers from conferences or the query group start to get agents or deals, draw up your strength instead of going down dark alleys of why not me.

You have a truth within you want to express.

You have imagination and drive to work at this. 

External success happens randomly, but for the most part, one thing is true: from internal success comes every good thing.


Do not despair when you can’t “feel” it inside. It’s there.

When you envy the outward success of others, you are building lack within. Stay away. There is nothing about you that’s small. You are trying, you are working, and sure, maybe there are pauses, but you have the same power within as the richest and most famous writers in the world.

I know it’s hard at times. I’ve been there too. Don’t give up. Remember your power within. It’s there and it will stay there. When doubt dwells, turn your mind to your truth within, and the stories you want to tell. Dwell there.

Photo courtesy: Adam Flockemann

About Chuck Mall

Author of middle-grade fiction. Mizzou grad. Former writer for men's fitness magazines. Book "The Owl Motel: And Other Places Where You Are Not Welcome" available on Amazon. Avid cook and gardener.
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